Boosie Badazz’s Gun Arrest: Feds Bank On IG Live

Boosie aka Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz

IG Live is THE Opp!

So, the saga continues. The Man is lurking. Apparently, the Feds is banking on social media evidence in Boosie BadAzz’ gun arrest.

Thus far, on behalf of Mr. Hatch, everything from a prayer to a laugh is on the menu. Yesterday (June 16), a judge unsealed a criminal complaint. Within this document, more details are available for the public’s consumption.

The Backstory

Keep in mind, back in May, the San Diego police department would arrest Boosie Boo. Why say you? Well, due to his location, the hard-working man got into some trouble.

Unfortunately, that is the truth. Moreover, the word of the day is “associated.” Please, do not venture into the inner-city; or, any urban areas. Merely, being correspondent is grounds for an outright investigation, just ask the BR native.

Come to find out, the Hip-Hop police San Diego police department, is diligently working. It is successfully able to stake-out the Instagram Live of a “known Neighborhood Crip gang member.” As a matter-of-fact, within this very IG clip, the veteran wordsmith comes into the fray.

Well, damn. This recognition is transforming into something notorious. Soon, the eye-spy investigators begin stalking the page of the respected MC.

To add insult to injury, it just so happen that the Louisiana lyricist, too, was also going live. Likewise, he was in an area described as being “associated with the Neighborhood Crip criminal street gang,” this according to TMZ. Somehow, things get worse.

Within, that compromising social media clip, the coppers notice what seems to be a gun. In fact, the allegation is that Boosie Badazz had a firearm on his person.

Next, for the assist, the San Diego police department taps, Big Brother. To help with the apprehension, these jokers employed an “Airborne Law Enforcement Unit.” Of course, the helicopters come out, the “Betrayed” rapper was in for it.

The Conclusion

Finally, after a location is provided, a black Mercedes SUV is stopped. So, the lawboys allege that a search yields loaded guns. After, again consulting Instagram, it is purported that an unsecured firearm is discovered.

Naturally, the law claims this is the the same one seen in Boosie’s waistband, everybody gets arrested.

Hold your head Boosie!