Boosie Badazz May Have Just Gotten Leg Up On Kanye West Thanks To Mike Epps & The GS Boys?

Kanye West Boosie Badazz

This is one of those moments where Ye’s music could never do what Boosie’s just did. Lol

Boosie Badazz may have just gained some traction in his standoff with Kanye West in regard to who could be more responsible for influencing rap throughout the last two decades.

According to a swiftly deleted Instagram Story post, West just realized Boosie’s “Wipe Me Down” came out in 2007 during the period he claims to have created all music styles. West roasted Boosie over the track, joking that he had nothing to do with that genre of music.

Now before I get into the segway of how Boosie’s 2007 hit “Wipe Me Down” takes a literal step past Kanye West in their current spat, we have to take a quick visit to the year 2008, when the GS Boys delivered “Stanky Leg.” Not only did the record take the country by storm, it has become a colloquial remnant of shared pup cultural universals throughout modern times.

And in a way, it’s become somewhat of a staple in dance and rap culture at large. Evidence of this theory manifest in the recent Instagram post comedian Mike Epps recently shared, which captures his interaction with one of the fans in attendance in the live audience of his sitcom The Upshaws. In summary, the brother in the audience, who appeared to be an amputee, got up and did a one-legged stanky leg for Epps and literally stole the whole show. And then Epps stole the brother’s leg.

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It should be obvious that I am clearly aware of the fact that the GS Boys created the song and Boosie doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with it in that regard. However, had it not been for “Wipe Me Down” in 2007, songs such as “Stanky Leg” and even the Baton Rouge rapper’s subsequent 2009 banger “Loose As A Goose” could never be. And in a sense, we wouldn’t have such a strong sense of dance culture apparent in the new generation of rap. Like seriously, think for a second about whether or not Lil Uzi’s “Futsal Shuffle” would’ve been as big as it was had there not been any number of the aforementioned records released in the decades before the 2021 banger arrived.

Not only that, the genre itself, which he describes as “Boosie Music” coupled with the emergence of Soulja Boy’s “Crank Dat” in 2007, helped form the bedrock of what we see today in music marketing trends on social media platforms such as TikTok, which are dominated by dance trends.

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Maybe I am preaching to the chior here, but if that’s the case, the gospel here is that Ye’s music could never have the type of effect both Boosie’s and the GS Boy’s did. Or maybe I’m reaching hella badly?

Anyways, watch the hilarious clip above.