Boosie Calls For A Ghetto Grammys


(AllHipHop Rumors) The week following the 59th Grammys has certainly been one to remember. LOL.

It seems like a lot of people are fed up and displeased for one reason or another over the coveted award show.

Welp, at least Boosie is realistic when he says he’ll probably never win a Grammy. Ya gotta be honest with yourself people. I don’t say this as a diss because lawd knows early Boosie, Webbie, Jeezy, Gucci etc were also on the soundtracks to my high school years okay!

Anyway Boosie recently released a video where he expresses how unlikely it is that he’d take home a gold gramophone in his lifetime.

“I probably won’t never win a muthaf-ckin’ Grammy. You gotta understand I’m like a… I’m the bad boy. Kind of like the bad boy of the industry. But if they had a ghetto Grammy? I ain’t winning that Grammy n-gga. But if they had a ghetto Grammy? If they had a f-cking Grammy in the muthaf-ckin’ hood? And everybody voted in the muthaf-ckin’ streets? N-gga, I’d have 55 muthaf-ckin’ Grammys n####, ya heard me?” said Boosie.

Although Boosie is a pretty funny guy, there is a little truth to what he’s saying, there are underground rappers with extreme underground success that aren’t always rewarded because of their failure to fully cross over to mainstream. So unless someone brings them out during a performance, they probably won’t be up on those award show stages.

Side note, Future is signed, and he’s never even been nominated. Hmmmmmm I’m not sure that he should’ve been either yet but eh, Boosie is proposing that there be a Ghetto Grammys.

Fans joked in the comments saying that that once existed in the forms of the Source Awards, Vibe Awards, on down to the Ozone Awards. Some even insulted the BET Awards calling them the Ghetto Grammys. Many did disagree with the latter as they expressed that BET has represented truly for our genres in their award shows.

Well given the history or The Source Awards and the violence, Boosie, I’m not quite sure we need a Ghetto Grammys. It sounds like a tragedy waiting to happen. Carry on!