Boosie Makes Enticing Declaration: “I Can Marry You!”


About to get married? Holla at Boosie. He makes an enticing declaration. “I can marry you,” promises the BR wordsmith!

Calling all couples. Now is the time to set it off. Bring those bankrolls and meet Lil’ Boosie at the altar. The Louisiana native is ordained to conduct marriages. That’s right. Yesterday (on Dec. 13), a social media post announced the exciting news. There Boosie makes the enticing declaration, “I can marry you.”

First off, yes, the statement is reality-based. No, it does not allude to a “reality-based” dating show. He has his “credentials of ministry.” Clearly, the BR rapper goes on to specify his claims. “I can marry you. If you want to get married. If you want Boosie to marry you, let me know.”

In fact, Boosie Boo’s business acumen is well-versed. Currently, his actions welcome an array of revenue streams. So, then BooPac contends, “If you want Boosie to marry you, I got my m########### license. If you want Boosie to marry you, y’all holla at me; this my new thing.”

Immediately, he adds, “Big boss s###, I’m marrying couples now; 75 to 100K! I’m marrying couples now. It’s official; I’m certified.” It is obvious. Bad Azz stands upon lessons learned from the streets. His longevity comes with remaining relevant.

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Even, Universal Life Church Ministries is backing Boosie’s behavior. Therefore, it’s no wonder that it awards Torence Hatch its “credentials of ministry.” Who will be the first happy couple to secure his services? Bet it will be a movie.