Boosie Responds To People Mad At His Lori Harvey / Michael B Jordan Comments


Boosie is not backing down from the peanut gallery this time!

Lil Boosie has never been one to hold his tongue, but I hope that he does not accept any interview offers for Mike Tyson. In the latest episode of the social media foibles, Lil Boosie has commented on the dating habits of one Lori Harvey, who is the stepdaughter of Steve Harvey. She is a beautiful woman! We have infamously noted that she has dated the lights of Future, and Sean Combs and some others.

Now she is dating Michael B Jordan and the world is turning off its axis. They seems to be deeply in love and MBJ put all us broke dudes to shame on Valentines Day. I know my lady ended up leaving me on the 15th, Lil Boosie decided to throw his own opinions in the ring and they were not well received, by most people. People chastised him for calling her names, talking about a “body count,” and essentially saying she was the street’s property. And then he even calling Michael B Jordan a Simp for making her his lady. Well it looks like Boosie is not willing to fall victim to the public pressure this time. It also helps that Mike Tyson is not nearby.

At any rate, Mr. Badazz says he said what he said and that’s that. Check it out out here