Boosie Trips Off Shrooms, Shares 1st Time HIGH With Fans!


Everything is not for everybody. A brave Boosie trips off MUSHROOMS. Of course, the clucked out antics are captured on camera.

Boosie is a man with many questions. Recently, the Louisiana lyricist invites his supporters on a magical trip. This past Sunday (Jan. 23), turns out to definitely be an epic Fun Day. That’s when the My Struggle star shares his first ever Mushroom high with his supporters.

Both the fire emoji and the Hallelujah hands emphatically emphasize his insight. Moreover, his candor then captures his altered perspective. Pointily, the Baton Rouge MC quips, “MAN I JUST EXPERIENCED A MUSHROOM HIGH — AMAZING”

Initially, the “Goat Talk” Great gives his supporters unprecedented access. Via, his official Twitter page, he shares a photo of the enchanting treat. Matter-of-factly he mentions, “IM F##### UO OFF MUSHROOMS”

Next, BadAzz makes sure to include stunning footage. Soon, the “Run It” spitter shows just how much fun Shrooms can be. They appear to encourage a nearly naked Boosie-Boo to frolic around in the snow. However, one must note, his lower half merely sports boxers and boots. Now, that is an interesting choice of attire.

Be that as it may, the shenanigans do not stop there! As any Act knows, one must too have all the right moves. In addition, once the Spirit commands one must be ready to bust a move. And that, is what the “Distant Lover” entertainer does.

Above all, Torrence Hatch, Jr is amazing. Who else can seamlessly pull off this endeavor? Not only does he clutch his headrest. He flawlessly maintains his smile. Although, it is Muni Long’s “Hrs and Hrs” which sets the atmosphere. Yet, the determined gyrations aroused from a willing pelvis steals the show.

Somewhere Ginuwine is punching his pillow. Damn, Boosie, give back those moves to that man!