Bow Wow Admits To Contemplating Suicide In The Past


Although Bow Wow has gotten to a pretty cool place in his life and his career, he says that things weren’t always so peaceful.

Bow Wow revealed to DJ Vlad that he once thought about ending it all because he had become so reckless.

Bow Wow said he was in a dark space around his third album where he contemplated suicide.

The reason he contemplated suicide is a little bit strange. He says that he contemplated suicide because he had done everything: he’d been everywhere, driven every car, slept with all the women etc.

Even if a person feels like they’ve done “everything,” there still has to be something that someone aspires to achieve.

He also didn’t confirm or deny whether or not he slept with Kim Kardashian in the past.

But, his response actually kind of confirmed it completely. Oh, and Bow Wow makes women sign non-disclosure forms when they come over to party in hopes that he won’t end up on the blogs. I’ve never heard of someone wanting to commit suicide because they’ve done “everything” already. Well, we are glad to see Bow Wow has a healthier mindset now!