Bow Wow Gets Roasted Over Acting Career


Photo via Bow Wow’s Instagram

Poor Bow Wow, the guy can never catch a break. Yall don’t want Bow to be great. Bow Wow recently posted a photo of him & Michael B. Jordan on his Instagram with the caption,

“True story..We were supposed to had been did one. Hurricane season. For what reason they aint pick this boy. I have a feeling we gone meet up and get the chance to do it forreal! (it’s only us 2) kind of movie could yall see us doing?”

Fans quickly poked fun at Bow suggesting that the two could make ‘Lottery Ticket 2’. Clearly the first ‘Lottery Ticket’ wasn’t the best movie. One fan took it as far as to suggest that they could make the sequel to ‘Brokeback Mountain’, a film about two men falling in love. Another person commented,

“Don’t ruin my mans career bruh.”

Why won’t yall let this man be great? LOL.

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