17-Year Old Kills Opp’s Mom At His Grave On His Birthday

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Times are getting crazier. A 17-year old is accused of the murder of the mother of a dead enemy.

The times are getting more and more dire. We have known for a long time now that rappers of the current era are built very different then from back in the day. Don’t get it messed up, back in the day was really really hard. The rappers were harder than anything you ever saw in your life.

But, now it just seems like these people these days have no morality, no conscience and no standard. I don’t really know what they are going through in their heads. But some of them are just ridiculous. Somebody please tell me what’s going on with these rappers!A 17-year-old has been arrested for going to his opps gravesite. When he got to the gravesite, which happened to be on the birthday of his enemy, he encountered his mother – one Kineh N’Gaojia. The mother of his opposition was grieving on her son’s birthday. 17 -year old Christian Lamar Weston was charged with murder, because he had to not only allegedly sought to decimate a gravesite, but murder dead the man’s mother. I just can’t believe this.

What in God’s name would make someone kill a woman at the age of 17? Furthermore what exactly does he gain from that? Now it looks as if he is going to spend the rest of his days in jail because the cops have all the information they need from the crime, which allegedly happened in March. By the way, this happened in Texas. Texas and Florida are starting to concern me greatly. Anyway, dude is charged with a number of things, including unlicensed carrying of a weapon, murder, and other charges. There was another person present and that person was also hurt with non-life-threatening injuries. So the boy’s mother was murdered on his birthday. RIP Kineh N’Gaojia.

  • By the way, none of these guys were rappers. I can’t even lie. I assumed there was some kind of wrap relationship here, but there isn’t. Don’t act like this doesn’t happen often in Rap.