Everybody Snitches: Buddha G Has Allegedly Turned Into An Informant!

Buddha G is known as a drill rapper, but now she is known as a snitch and informant.

(AllHipHop Rumors) When will you stupid MFers learn in this game one way or another you get BURNED! Shout out to Bushwick Bill of the MFin, Trigger Happy Geto Boys! Today, people are still making the same ol’ dumb mistakes out here. First of all who is Buddha G? I never even heard of this so-called drill rapper in my life, but she is apparently popular with the kiddies. Was…popular! First of all, let me state this. This slop was rapping and sang the word N#GGA on every song I heard and often as hell. All you hardbody killers out there just were cool with that? You guys are part of the issues. You should have checked this bumbish a long time ago. 

Now, this chick that honestly looks like a reject from a “Purple Pills” video! LISTEN TO HER TALK TO THE COPS, SETTING SOMEBODY UP.

I don’t know if you have ever seen her rapping, but she certainly isn’t nice or anything. I ain’t gonna say she is trash either, but I feel she is mostly a spectacle. And, now she is more of a joke than ever before because if the accusations. Check out Buddha rap!

Needly to say, I could not take that at all….just too much white trash. And that ain’t racial. I can’t take the brothers when they look like that either! But, this Buddha person really rubs me the wrong way. 

After doing some homework, I realize this isn’t especially new, but the word is leaking out slowly and surely. Some folks that I saw said that she knew the dude she ratted on for years and years. And she seemingly had little to know regard for his life. Once you get to this point, it’s either you or them. Not a lot else out there. I guess we will see what’s next. I ain’t out there, but the streets are talking…