Busta Rhymes Is About To Drop Soon! And It Is FIRE!

We have heard the new Busta Rhymes album, but it is now done!

(AllHipHop Rumors) AllHipHop has spies everywhere! One of my super sources has told me that Busta Rhymes NEXT album is finally done. This has been a very, very long time coming! Busta has not dropped a full album in quite a few years – since 2012’s Year of the Dragon. Now, the sources are saying this album is FIRE…like a dungeon dragon fire!

YES! I have been waiting for quite some time for Busta to drop! There are a few things floating out there around what this is, Extinction Level Event 2 or Good God Almighty (Via Wikipedia). The ELE2 concept has been around for quite some time and this Good Good Almighty is new to me. So, I guess we will see! 

The main point is: THE ALBUM IS FIRE! There is a lot of excitement around this and I hope and pray it sets the record straight! Busta is necessary.