Cam’ron Believes Women Should Have Sex On The First Night


Killa Cam is certainly a character. He never seems to let us down as far as an entertaining statement on social media or a Cam’ron plot twist.

While putting his girlfriend Juju on blast inadvertently, Cam’ron seemed to want to tell women that it’s okay to have sex on the first night.

He seemed to want to dispel the notion that smashing on the first night is really a bad thing. After all, only those that have a negative perception of getting down on the first night would feel some kind of way about it.

Cam wants women to stop with all of the waiting and “fairy tales” and let their men get it in.

“Yo this a PSA real quick, ladies if you like a man and you go out with him and go to his crib… and don’t give him no p*ssy the first night and he a fly n*gga got swag getting a couple dollars….. When you call him next week don’t expect him to remember you. It’s bad b*tches everywhere. You ain’t do nothing to make him remember you. You ain’t make no gag noises, you ain’t stand on your head. It works,” said Cam’ron.

What are your thoughts? Should you smash on the first night? STDs are real Cam!