Cam’Ron Mentions Nore In New Rap…But Is He Dissing Him?


Cam’ron mentions Nore in a new rap, but is that a diss?

Cam’Ron mentions Nore in a freestyle it all hell breaks loose! The trend of rappers turning into a podcasters and talk show host continues. However, you will NOT see Cam’Ron, the Dipset overlord doing it, and in a new freestyle, he  makes it clear that he’s not doing Clubhouse, podcasts, or any other media for that matter!

In fact, it has been a while since AllHipHop has interviewed Cam! Come on we are real media, brudda! Cam is one of the few artist that has mastered the balancing act with the media, social media and the ever evolving landscape on the “screens” we hold all day. So, I’m not mad that Cam has not done an interview with AllHipHop, because he hasn’t done any interviews with anybody really.

As far as Noreaga, this will be somewhat interesting but I don’t see any beef sprouting out about it because Nore isn’t on that type of time. Bro is actually still well respected and she’s doing dope stuff in the music world–Just not as an MC. He’s doing his thing! Now I wonder if Cam has the same feelings about other rappers that are now interviewing rappers like Fat Joe and several others.