Cam’ron Says That Ma$e Took It “Too Far” With Becoming A Pastor


(AllHipHop Rumors) Somebody come get Cam’ron!

Cam’ron got off on a tangent while on Instagram live, and he got on the subject of Ma$e once becoming a pastor. According to Cam’ron Ma$e had lost his mind and had gone too far at the time.

Many people from the outside actually thought Ma$e had found his faith or become more connected to it, and that he also wanted to get away from the music industry. Cam’ron says when a person approaches him, before they can even comment on him “maintaining” he will just tell them “God Bless” them, so they won’t be too concerned with how he’s living. Cam said but Ma$e took the same approach too far.

“That’s what Ma$e did. Ma$e went worldwide. Ma$e said you know what, I’m just gonna say I’m in church. Ma$e took it too far though. Starting preaching and all that sh-t. I see what he was doing with that sh-t. He was like you know what n-ggas aint gonna MF harass me if I’m in church. They can’t beef with me, they can’t ask me for nothing. I’ma throw on the Rev. Run collar, and get the f-ck out of here,” said Cam.

Cam said he used to be mad at Ma$e because he was younger than him, and was like “really come on”, but his mentality grew up.

He said Ma$e was 22 with $10 million dollars as he went triple platinum at 22, so he completely understands how and why Ma$e went crazy.

Cam says Ma$e saw a lot of violence around him, so he decided to take the chips he had and go to church.

Cam says he knows people in their 30s and 40s that can’t even handle $10 million dollars and would even lose their mind with $1 million. Cam is suggesting that Mase didn’t “find his faith”, but instead it was a play to avoid some stuff.

According to Cam, he learned from Mase what not to do, but he’s not even mad at Mase for going crazy and losing his mind because he was one of the first to have that much money at a young age. Cam even said that Ma$e doesn’t have his “divine goodness” anymore as he returned to rapping, cussing, and touring.

Is Cam’ron hating or keeping it real?