Can 2 Chainz Hold His Own On A Track With Eminem?


(AllHipHop Rumors) There have been times when some people have gotten upstaged and out-rapped by others who appear on the same track as them.

Apparently this is what some people believe will happen if 2 Chainz and Eminem were to do a track together, with Em reigning supreme.

In the past it felt like there used to be a competitiveness where rappers challenged themselves to have if not the greatest verse, at least a great verse on a collaboration track. Nowadays it just seems like anything goes!

“Tell 2 Chainz step his game up or Em might be nice and dummy it down just to make a hit record,” said fan, @JoeJoeHill987.

2 Chainz replied by saying,

“N-gga please he don’t have to dumb sh-t down I’m da truf…..he called me remember that.

Although folks love 2 Chainz’s music, it seems like he’s received criticism over the years for dumbing down his music just to make records that fit in and will be successful records that the “kids” can relate to.

I don’t know man….. Do you think Em would wash him on the track? Well, all-in-all it looks like 2 Chainz has hinted at a forthcoming Em & Chainz collaboration. Are you here for this?

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