Can Drill Rapper CJ’s Music Family Save Him From The Ghost Of Tekashi 6?


CJ may be good or not, depending how you look at it.

They are calling this rapper CJ the new Tekashi69! Just when you thought it was safe, another Tekashi69 has allegedly formed in Brooklyn. So the song “Whoopty” which I am very late to  is a banger in the drill rap scene and the author of that song is supposedly a guy name CJ. You know CJ right? He is a young Staten Island rapper who is apparently Blood.

Is this song real, because it came out years ago?

But, as we know these things tend to be convoluted in the streets . How did he rise to rap so rapidly? I don’t really know the answer to that because I am not tapped in. However, I do know something that most people have not reported on.

My sources have told me that CJ is related to James Cruz. Now people may not know who James Cruz, but for many years James Cruz (and maybe still do this day) was the right here man of Sean “P Diddy” combs a.k.a. Diddy a.k.a. Puff Daddy A.k.a. probably the biggest boss Hip-Hop has ever seen. James Cruz is a really good guy and he’s very cool from what I have been told.

But La Brim – a Blood doing 30 years, refuted all things CJ…everything – DOES NOT CARE!

Back to James Cruz. I guess the question is: has he been impactful in helping CJ rise to the top the way he has? The second question I have is: can he help him get out of this mess that he’s in? The truth is these are some crazy times for rap artists and a lot of them are getting killed on a day-to-day basis! Not to put that in the air, but we have to say it because it’s nervous out here. Rappers are getting killed! As you may have noticed in the last couple of days a well. Blood Brother Brim may be the least of his worries. BK’s 22Gz is also accusing CJ of swagger jacking (do people still say that?). In a now deleted post, he said “@realcj_ giving me 60 Vibes & boy from staten island the safest borough in nyc.” This did not help!

Honestly, this is just bad all around – from a New York point of view. I don’t know if James Cruz is able to help, but I hope so. If that’s his nephew, which is what I’ve been told, then it may be a good idea for him to step in and do damage control. Honestly, it might even be a good idea to just step away from the Blood situation altogether for live’s sake. Over in LA, it looks like CJ is good. Those Bloods are a bit different so prayers for payments and peace.

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Looking at the video…everything looks “real” to me. LOL!