Cardi B Claps Back At Hater’s Attempt To Hurt Her Feelings

Cardi B

Cardi B had some strong words of a hater that suggested she’s scared to drop a second album.

If you are Cardi B, you are pretty happy right now. You got your babies, you got your man and you got your money! She’s also got her music. You may not love her music or you may, but either way, she’s getting her coins even in this streaming era. That said she’s been out for years and only has one album.

Here’s the good news: Cardi B concerts gross $1 million, a first for female rappers. This is according to @TouringData. Well, that is a great accomplishment and it clearly enriches her and her record label. As is always the case, the haters are going to hate. And this dude said something that garnered a response from Cardi.

It didn’t say what the original person said, but it definitely got her to clap back. What’s cool is Cardi is really uplifting her type of b###h. What would be dope is if she did a song with Rapsody, that would be more my speed. Maybe even some of the dope dark-skin babes like Dreezy, but anyway. Shout out to Cardi B!

Look at her pop her collar about “the numbers!”