Cardi B Jumps Into Online Beef With Cuban Doll

Cardi B

Cardi B got into a beef and Cuban Doll was the target. But what kinda beef is it really? See how it unfolded?

Remember the olden days of beef? Like when a song was made and another song was made and the person with the best raps won? Those days are dead with the advent of the internet. These people tweet beef first, slick talk later.

The latest foolery comes in the form of Cardi and Cuban, doll that is. Cuban Doll had a beef on Twitter that erupted enough for me to comment on it.

Saturday night Cuban busted out with some images of her in some sexy leopard-print clothing from a forthcoming music video! Well, she added to the post that she was inspired by Nicki Minaj. OK. You should know, Cardi and Nicki have had beef in the past. So, Boom…!

And Bing Bong!

Now, we know Cardi is not to be played with! She’s a force. Cuban Doll deleted the original offensive tweets. But you know the game. Nothing is ever deleted on this scale. Baller Alert got it all.

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What ya’ll think of this?

And then there is Offset. This is the chick that he was allegedly cheating on with. YIKES!