Change Of Heart: Azealia Banks Is Now Open To Collaborating With This Rapper!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Well we all know that unfortunately rapper Azealia Banks is a few sandwiches short of a picnic, and her elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, but we still try to let her live.

In a shocking twist of events, Banks has revealed that she would like to collaborate with Iggy Azalea.

This would be no big deal if Igggy wasn’t one of the people that Azealia has dogged out over the years.

Banks now seemingly has a change of heart and believes the strategy of pairing them together will yield a platinum release.

Well I doubt it, because controversial or not, both of their careers aren’t popping anymore. Banks flat out ruined her moment, and the Hip Hop community doesn’t believe Iggy is real Hip Hop. Igg has had some very successful singles, but I’m unsure if her pop fans would even support the collaboration.

Sure they have fans somewhere, but do they have enough to truly have a successful single right now?

Ok do you guys want to hear about another one of my bad ideas? I’m kind of scared to tweet it. What if ….Igloo was on Anna Winter? The headlines would be everything tho. The song would be a #1 all over Europe PLUS, we’d probably get a Grammy for it. Just because it’s us. And the media frenzy around it will drown out any and everything else happening in music this summer lol Come on iggy. U kno a collab between you & I would shut the entire scene down. It would be quiet for the girls this summer lol. @IGGYAZALEA. Right ! It’s genius marketing,” tweeted Banks.

Iggy has enough problems with her declining career, so in my opinion, I think she’ll stay far away from bat sh-t crazy Banks! Even if some of the things Azealia once said about Iggy had any merit, I still wonder if she was jealous of Iggy’s success!

Would you be here for the collab?

Remind me y’all; does Iggy still have a big fan base somewhere. Is it just the Hip Hop community and the U.S. that’s mean to her? LOL.

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