Charlamagne Tha God Talks Fried Chicken Biz With Kevin Hart?

Charlamagne Tha God & Kevin Hart

Charlamagne Tha God and Kevin Hart were rumored to have a fried chicken business, but somebody got it all wrong.

Photo courtesy of Viacom

Tha God’s Honest Truth is a weekly half-hour late-night series hosted by Charlamagne Tha God, who now uses his government Lenard McKelvey. But the homie is now down with Stephen Colbert and his show is blowing up, every Friday! How’d he do that? Charlamagne’s show addresses a lot of political, socially relevant issues to people. But he is also very funny, in an unfilterned, unapologetically Black way. I rocks with it!

But when I heard him and Kevin Hart were about to start some kind of fried chicken venture, I lost it! What?! Are they crazy? Come to find out the rumors stemming from Friday’s show was all wrong. Check this out.  

It wasn’t even fried chicken! Charlamagne pitched Fried Fish Fantasy Land to Kevin Hart and investment exper  Ian Dunlap. LOL!

It did not stop there.

Kevin Hart also discussed working with Wesley Snipes in his new movie, “True Story,” and shares his billionaire dreams.

AND…there was a bonus.

Chico Bean, the comic, sat down with Dr. Claud Anderson about Black capitalism and financial freedom. This one you have to see…there’s some shade to condend with! Tell me if you get it in the comments.

AllHipHop had some eyes in the building when all of this went down, but the person actually missed the Kevin Hart part, hence the bad information. Nevertheless, the show seems to be truly incredible and also groundbreaking as the Black Lives Matter movement begins to be mostly a slogan.