Hip-Hop Rumors: The REAL Reason Chief Keef Was Dropped!

There May Be Another Reason Keef Was Released From Interscope!

I heard things were getting pretty tense up there at Interscope Records with Chief Keef a ways back. And I also heard the reasons that he was dropped from his wonderful label up there at Interscope. Well, I of course have my own sources and they are saying some other stuff about why he was dropped from the label.

Do I need to say more?

Keef has a new album coming up and they wanted Interscope to support the project the way they have with other artists. But, my sources – which are not affiliated with either Interscope or Keef – said that they just didn’t want to pay for it. Seems like Keef got more expensive than he was bringing in money-wise.

There are apparently a lot of other reasons too, which you can
read about here:

Exclusive: Chief Keef Dropped By Interscope Records


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