Chlöe Bailey Uses Black Eyed Peas Reference To Combat Negative Criticism About Her Body

Chloe Bailey is living up to her goofy-sexy reputation!

Chlöe Bailey is using a combination of her quirky personality and a 2000s-era Black Eyed Peas hit to combat hot takes critics are making on social media about her body.

In a recent live stream she broadcasted ahead of her birthday, Bailey expounded on her fitness journey by directly addressing fan feedback she discovered while scrolling on social media. In particular, she targeted a tweet from a fan, who alleged she had gotten “too skinny” and wasn’t thick anymore as a result of the weight loss.

With a light-hearted yet snarky retort, Bailey shot down the critical tweet while also posing a fair warning to individuals who think it’s a good idea to make negative comments about her body under the guise of social media.

“I saw something that was on Twitter because y’all know I’d be stalking sometimes,” she said. “Y’all be careful what you say because I be seeing the shady s##t y’all be saying. But also I saw something that said, ‘Oh, I got worried Chloe got too skinny. She wouldn’t be thick anymore.'”

Bailey used a reference to the Black Eyed Peas’ 2005 hit “My Humps,” which appeared on the Monkey Business album to troll the Twitter (X) user.

“No, I still got my junk in my trunk,” she teased. “So that tweet made me laugh. Actually made me laugh because I’m trying to get, well, I did get snatched but more snatched than how I was, but I’m still thick.”

Bailey laughed a bit before saying, “OK guys, I’m going to go now. Bye. Love you” and ended the video by promoting her upcoming content from the BET Awards along with thanking fans for their birthday wishes.

Bailey similarly responded to criticism about her sex appeal earlier this year on social media after theories began being speculated that she was too goofy to act sexy.

“It’s not an act, honey,” she said. “But not everybody will have access to that. Women can be both. Women can be multi-faceted. Lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets.”

Ultimately, Bailey says her music, which she described as her “diary,” epitomizes who she is. “That’s where you’ll see a part of me y’all don’t have access to,” she explained. “It might be surprising.”