Chris Brown and Kevin McCall Are Back At It With The R&Beef


Kevin McCall and Chris Brown are back at it with the beef. The two have been publicly feuding with various insults and threats flying back and forth between the former collaborators.

There have been jabs and accusations from theft to domestic violence.

McCall took to Instagram to ask why is he still signed to Chris Brown. Kevin accused Chris Brown of being jealous of him and getting upset about a time when Rihanna called his phone back in the day.

McCall says when he’s no longer signed to Chris is when he will chill. He also threatened Breezy with the fade!

Chris Brown didn’t take it too well as he told McCall that RCA dropped him, and he blocked his own blessings. Breezy also said he can’t wait to take the money from his fans as they will be at his concerts, not Kevin’s.

Kevin went as far as to call Chris Bobby Brown, and he claims that all of Chris’ girls tried to holla at him. This may not end well. Gotta love R&Beef.