Eminem Impersonator Gets Hit With 5 Sexual Harassment Allegations!

Chris D’Elia stands accused of some bad activity against five women. Sexual assault!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Chris D’Elia!

Chris D’Elia is a comic known widely for making fun of Eminem. Well it seems like Chris is in hot water now and the Mitu movement is on his body. There are a number of allegations coming out that have stated emphatically that Chris exposed himself to a number of women over the course of a decade. Megan Drust Alleges that the comedian asked her for a ride home from a Los Angeles restaurant. The only thing is the ride never happened. When he got into the car he allegedly unzipped his pants and expose his private to her. Now, four other women are also coming forward with similar stories.

By the way, Chris D’Elia denies all of these stories and allegations.

So, a total of five women have now accused Chris of sexual improprieties and it has resulted in him getting dropped from various opportunities that were in front of him. Netflix namely has replaced him in an upcoming feature project. This sucks for a number of reasons! First of all, I’d like to think and hope Chris did not do the things that he is accused, but he is currently in the fire, not convicted. I guess in these days and times there is no way that you can mess with somebody that is accused of these heinous acts.

But the details are startling and we all thought he was just a funny guy that we assumed would p### Eminem off. But Eminem ended up calling him into his world for a moment as a guest in a rap video. Honestly, I didn’t think Chris was all that funny as a standup comedian but he was totally hilarious as Eminem. Now I looked at a report on CNN and they really detailed all of the accounts, by these women. He and his lawyers have their work cut out for them. 

One more for the road.