Chrisean Rock And Blueface And Ice Spice Sex Tapes Ooze All Over The Internet

Ice Spice

Welp. Pop goes the weasel! Both Chrisean Rock and Bluface and Ice Spice and a random dude have sex tapes out.

Here we are, guys.

This not a drill. Sadly, there are a pair of sex videos going on all over the internet. I did not want to see this crap, but when somebody sends you something, you look. And there it is: Chrisean & Blueface and Ice Spice. I cannot post this rated XXX stuff on here for clear and obvious reasons. It is truly graphic. Of course, if you watch p###, it is not totally shocking. This is definitely going to take these ladies to new heights. Attention is money. I am certainly glad I did not come up in an era where I would see a sex tape with Lil Kim or Trina.

So that is that.

By the way, shout out to her. She had a nice presence on the red carpet at the BET Hip-Hop Awards

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Uncle Luke has seemingly responded to the fiasco associated with DJ Akademiks. It seemed so long ago, like yesterday. But, AK called some pioneers broke and dusty. The uproar lasted longer than most of the BS that we deal with daily. Recently, big unc pulled up with receipts.

Basically, people are assuming he’s talking about the AK situation, but I am not fully convinced. He could be talking about others, those that have responded to the DJ. I do not know for sure. Either way, he is saying that he out it down for the culture in a way that impacted the way we are today. So salute to him.

Tell me what you think of this statement and even the picture. 2 Black. 2 Strong. 2 Live.