Ciara's Camp Denies Her Keeping Future From Seeing Their Son


Photos via Future’s Instagram Pages

Yesterday, Future took to his Twitter to tell the world that Ciara was making it hard for him to see their son. Sources close to Ciara are denying Future’s claims that he pays $15K for child support. Future tweeted,

“I just want baby future that’s all.”

“I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture the f*ckery for 15K a month.”

“This b*tch got control problems.”

Future maintains that he’s been silent for a year, but now he’s fed up. Sources close to Ciara told E! News that Future’s claims simply are untrue, and that the singer is not keeping Future from seeing their son. The source also claims that Future uses the failed relationship controversy to promote his music and stay in the press. The source also claims that Future has never paid $15K in child support, he told Ciara he hopes she fails in everything she does, and that he is unable to move on an co-parent in a healthy manner. Yikes. We hope they get it together for the sake of baby Future!