Coi LeRay Defends Drunken Stupor: “We Get Lit!”

Coi Leray

Coi LeRay was seen stoopid drunk recently, giving everybody a scare. The rapper comments on the blogs and vlogs.

Coi LeRay has a problem! She was set up when her so-called friends videotaped her drunk out of her mind after party a few days ago. Now, the Internet loves to play Sherlock Holmes and they did it again on this one.

They did their best to connect her to Megan Thee Stallion, but it didn’t really work. It seems that Coi was partying with Megan a day or so before the video broke to the Internet and she had the same clothing on in both videos. She could’ve worn the same thing for days, like a true rockstar or is she could’ve been overdoing it with one of the hardest hot girls in the music industry right now.

Nevertheless, people were highly concerned when they saw the 25-year old rap artist in a bath tub of water almost fully submerged. It definitely gave people Whitney Houston vibes. On top of that, she was nonresponsive when a person asked if she was OK.

By the way, that friend was no friend to me. She literally posted on the Internet that she intended to post more video and gave the devil emoji afterwards. That’s not really a good look! Anyway, this is definitely an example of “what about your friends.”  When I say friends I don’t mean the person that videotaped her, that was no friends. She should have some kind of security around her, even if it’s just Homies.

Lastly, Coi has responded to concerns and criticisms of her drunken post. She essentially says there’s nothing to worry about and then she gets lit. Period.

“First of alllll!!! Lmaooooo there’s other videos before thissssssss lmaooo y’all alll crazy!!!. And seconddddd WE GET LITTTTTT and 3rd I always get in the tub when I’m drunk lmaoo y’all leave me alone.”

“I see a vlog posted ‘Pray for Coi Leray.’ Please pray for me. I need all the prayers I can get.”

“It’s the vlogs are making it seem like I’m dead in the tub,” as she laughed and noted that she was tipsy after mixing 818 Tequila with Don Julio 1942 Tequila.

“I guarantee you gonna be in the tub just like I waswhen you’re super drunk and you’re lit, my advice is for you to take a bath. My clothes didn’t come off because these b****s in the bathroom with me and my momma here with me.”

I do think that she needs to have some sort of an intervention, because getting this drunk like that is not healthy at all and certainly getting this drunk and being happy about it isn’t a good thing either. She definitely needs help.

I will say this, her best friend and her mother said that she was safe and having fun with families and friends.

Moms said, “We have fun that’s what we do. it was all laughter and fun, stop hating, we gon protect her 100,000%, get the f**k outta here.”

And yet…