Coi Leray Explains Latto Reference Tracks

Coi Leray

Coi Leray needs you to listen to her words, as she explains the Latto song leak.

Ghostwriting is a normal thing now. And yet folks still want the credit for being creative. They don’t want to admit that they had help. And they want it to seem like they are genius or something. Well, earlier this week Latto had an epic leak of 130 songs, demos and reference tracks.

In the process, a lot of familiar songs were heard and Coi Leray and Bia were among them. It made them look crazy, especially when people are doing interviews about their creative process. Sooooooooooo….it is time for the explaining to happen.

Here’s what she had to say on IG Live.

“It’s unfortunate what happened to Latto. I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. It’s f##### up, it’s foolish. There’s a lot of hard work that a lot of people put into the music — not only the artist, but the producers. And for people to go and leak something that’s precious to somebody is corny.

But I’m here to speak for myself and I do want to give a little education real quick. My whole album. I mean, every single feature written by me, so I know my pen game is super amazing.

This does not discredit none of these icons’ talent and pen game … There would be no game without writers. Now, when it comes to rap, I also understand that as well, but I do melodies, I’m melodic; I’m not sitting here trying to rap battle nobody. You see my freestyles I’m not the best thinker when it comes to freestyles. But when it comes to me taking my time and writing a song, I’m amazing.

You think if Young Thug wrote me a song, I couldn’t re-cut it? … I’m gonna re-cut the whole song, and I’m gonna do it the best way I can. It’s my song so I could change something if I wanted to. That’s just how music is created and y’all need to understand that. A lot of y’all are ignorant and need to grow up. It’s not a funny situation.”

The talk was captured on IG and re-uploaded to YouTube.

By the way, I believe there was a reference track for Nick Minaj in there. If you remember, they had a bit of a beef recently. Latto did not mention this either, which shows me she is super solid. She could have easily dropped that dime.

By the way, BIA was also in the leak and she also had something to say. Basically, she said she co-wrote all her stuff along with others, Latto included.

Of course, Twitter had something to say.

But overall, I am feeling what she is saying.

Latto kind of got the last word in though, essentially saying everybody is working with everybody. This means the art of emceeing is dying a slow death,

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