Nicki Minaj’s New Crew Upsets Actor!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Nicki Minaj recently changed the name of her fan base from The Barbz to “The Kingdom”, and let me just say that they are going to light troubled actor Columbus Short’s azz up when they wake up!

Nicki has one of those very loyal fan bases that will go in on a person on social media over their leader.

Judging Columbus’ shaky and troubled past, I’m surprised he would comment on anyone else’s life.

In #PostAndDelete files, Short posted a photoshopped photo on Instagram taking a shot at Nicki Minaj and any other fake women with fake body parts and enhancements.

“I normally wouldn’t do this. But I feel it’s a must for “Generation IG” Exhibit A. On the right you have a Big Body Mercedes Benz, a Maybach even. HOWEVER…. on the left you have 91 Honda Civic with expired tags, no insurance, a faulty clutch and no real tail lights. The moral of this picture is (drum roll please)… Check the #Carfax because you could be purchasing a lemon. #MESSAGE…. My sincere apologies to all the Nick fans out there, even if the picture on the left is photo shopped, the pic on the right is as REAL… as Santa coming down your chimey next Christmas. There are still real woman out there. LOOK AT THEM GIVE THEM LIKES. #IVoteForTheRealOnes #WillTheRealWomanPostUp and if you don’t like what I had to say #UnfollowPlease,” posted Short.

While I do believe that the fake booty trend has gone too far with women looking crazy and even risking their lives at times for black market procedures, why did Columbus have to use Nicki to make his point?!

How do you feel about women with fake breasts and butts?