Come Get Your Girl! Azealia Banks Is Sacrificing What?!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Baby girl is a troubled soul!

What’s wrong with Azealia Banks?! Does she have any family or friends we can call? Why can’t we have her committed to get treatment and help for her very obvious mental health issues.

Apparently your favorite female rapper Azealia Banks has been in her closet practicing witchcraft with chickens…..well their dead carcasses.

We believe this is different than an individual just seeking attention.

We really didn’t need any more proof that Banks’ train is off the track, that her elevator doesn’t go to the top floor, and well the girl is just crazy as sh-t. However, she certainly provided some.

The professional troll took to Instagram to share videos of herself cleaning out a closet that she used to sacrifice chickens for three years.

When Banks said she was about to clean up a lot of crap, I guess we thought it would be a dirty room or closet.

The disturbed part-time rapper showed a scene of blood splatter and feathers. She then gets it in with a sandblaster.

“Real witches do real things,” the Harlem rapper said.

It looks like Azealia is coming into 2017 yall.