Could Eminem’s Fave MC RJ Payne Link With Dr. Dre Or Rick Ross?

RJ Payne Eminem Rick Ross Dr. Dre

Could RJ Payne actually make it to Aftermath Records?

Once upon a time, Eminem name-checked Philly rapper RJ Payne as his favorite MC. For many, that put the homie on the map. Some of the hardcore rap fans, like myself saw it as validation that a great lyricist had arrived. Yes and no. Far too many people still don’t know the name RJ Payne. He’s kinda like Griselda on lyrical steroids…no shade at all. He is just a beast, still on the outskirts of the industry even with the Eminem co-sign.

As he grows tentacles, RJ Payne has name-checked who he wants to be on lable-wise, if he jumps into the major lable scenario. Dr. Dre seems to be working hard as his divorce is in the rearview mirror. In a recent inteview with AHH’s Jigsaw, RJ Payne seems clear that he’s good with independence. BUT…there’s always a but, he’s open to many things – including going major. Compton mogul is the perfect person to help him take his situation to the next left, he says. Also, of course, there’s Eminem, Rick Ross, and others that would be able to do that too. Eminem recently signed GRIP from Atlanta to his Shady imprint so that’s already there. Ross…not sure what he is up to, but I see him doing other busy boss moves. Dr. Dre might be it.

Anyway, Payne is rumored to be working with Ice-T on his next project. Stay tuned for that!