Cowboy Apparently Blasts Nipsey Hussle’s Homie!


The trial of Nipsey Hussle is on, but his good friend Cowboy has some words for those didn’t protect the homie in his final moments.


Salute salute to the homey Cowboy. When Nipsey Hussle was first murdered, I thought Cowboy was something else (shady) but I do actually think he is a stand up dude. Cowboy recently took the stand in the murder case against Nipsey Hussle, and a lot of people are saying that he’s some kind of a snitch. Taking a stand does not necessarily make you a snitch I am nobody’s thug, dog or criminal, but snitching is the act of telling on someone else to save your own skin. So, for example, a law abiding Citizen that tells on a criminal, is not a snitch.

Anyway, Cowboy basically said that Nipsey Hussle did not call Eric Holder a rat. Or a snitch. And therefore causing the conflict that resulted in Nipsey‘s death. They are victim blaming Nip in death. What this does is, basically removes the nature of the murder. It says that Eric Holder thought about killing Nipsey and did not do it in a sudden impulsive act of murderous aggression. The difference is roughly 11 years to life in jail. We basically need homeboy to spend the rest of his days in prison or waiting for the death penalty. He took Nip from us.

Anyway, the backstory of this all is that there’s another guy Rimpal and he is a part of the All Money In Crew but he has been ostracized apparently, because he is now seen on tape running when Nipsey was shot. Honestly, I never heard of this guy before today, and I have not seen the tape. Cowboy took the time to talk about somebody that people say is Rimpal, but he didn’t say names. Cowboy basically saw the Nipsey tape for the first time in court and went berserk! And he also seemed to address the people that regard him as some kind of a snitch for just taking the stand. Weird.