Cuban Doll Adresses Leaked Sex Tape And Charges Could Be Coming!

Cuban Doll takes to social media to express her thoughts and feelings on the recently leaked video of her and ex-boyfriend, Tadoe.

(AllHipHop Rumors) A sex tape of Cuban Doll and her ex-boyfriend, Tadoe, surfaced over the weekend.

And according to Cuban Doll, the person responsible for leaking the tape was her ex’s former girlfriend, Ari. The two have never been on good terms and have had an ongoing beef. According to Cuban Doll, Ari has been “holding the video over” her head for nearly half a year! In frustration, Cuban Doll, eventually replied, “Go ahead!”

This past weekend, despite all of what’s been going on with the pandemic and protests, Ari took the video from Tadoe’s phone and leaked it online. Cuban was, of course, furious.

“A b##ch so lame cos you took the video out of Tadoe’s phone. Like congratulations b##ch, you f##kin’ played yourself. Are, you a lame ass b##ch. Now we finna f##kin’ post yo f##kin’ dirty ass panties, b##ch, where you left yo F##*kin’ dirty panties at Tadoe’s house.”

What truly set Cuban off, however, is the fact that her family would be exposed to the video.

An emotional Cuban added, “It’s the simple fact that my nieces and nephews gotta see that s##t, b##ch.” She even posted a video in her Instagram Stories apologizing to her family.

“To my family I’m sorry. I have nieces and nephews that loop up to me. Only reason why I was crying like my poor baby got to see that yuno? Other then that I don’t care, let’s mfn play all dayyyyy.”