Cyn Santana Tries To Explain, But People Just Want The Joe Budden “Tea”

Cyn Santana cannot talk without her followers wanting the tea.

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am looking at this video of Cyn Santana and I am thinking, “Man, this is corny.” First of all, I have to apologize and say emphatically, I do not think that she leaked the video of her and Joe Budden talking. She revealed a friend did the leaking. In that post, he insinuated that he beat or “dragged” her. Nobody quite knew what that was. 

All I know is NOW she is pleading for “privacy” while making a 10-minute video. Here is the long story, short. She does not reveal if there was violence perpetrated against her. She also says it is unacceptable that her son, hers, and Joey’s privacy is violated. 

She does redeem Joe greatly. She says he is a great dad and proclaims him as “family.” I guess that is that, right? She could be covering up for him, but who cares. One thing is for sure, she’s not about to f**k up her own “bag,” because Joe Budden is only going up. He turned down but bucks from Spotify so you already know he has another BIGGER bag on deck. Salute!

God bless.