DaBaby Shoots Down Viral Video Of Fan Rejecting His Kiss!


“That ain’t DaBaby; that’s MY Baby!”

As long as people have lips lies will follow. Or, let’s refer to it as creative perception. Whatever, the case may be, DaBaby shoots down a viral video of a fan rejecting his attempted kiss.

Overall, the Neighborhood Superstar is earning a polarizing reputation. Previously, his actions tout both a wrathful side and a benevolent side. Be that as it may, he is not loosing any sleep over how he believes others perceive his actions.

In fact, growing up in a difficult environment actually works to toughen up his skin. Nonetheless, the North Carolina narrator is taking out the time. So, he is clearing up a minute misconception.

Recently, a viral video has been ferociously circulating. This quick clip appears to show a disinterested woman rejecting a physical advance from the Billion Dollar Baby. However, Mr. Nasty effortlessly explains the interaction.

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First off, the video in question displays DaBaby engaging with a group of his ardent supporters. Additionally, the footage captures a childlike embrace and confirming cries of adoration. Of course, it is obvious that the entertainer appears to enjoy messing around with his fans.

From there the MC hops onto social media and straightens out any confusion. “Who be making this cap a** sh*t up bruh???” his reply to the kiss rebuff. Eventually, he offers up his own evidence. An extended Instagram video from February serves as the receipt.

“Me & my booboos love each other to death but ain’t no kissin goin on,” confirms the celebrated rapper.

Cap or facts?