Damson Idris And Lori Harvey Let People Know They Are Still In Love

Damson Idris and Lori Harvey are probably having a great laugh and those that feel their relationship has imploded.

The Internet is a beast!! They will tear you apart when they want to. Sometimes they will pay for your funeral, but mostly they want to rip your heart out. That said…Damson and Lori Harvey have endured! Last week, “The Net” had the lovebirds all broken up after a mere three months. More importantly, they had broke up after sharing a slice of oxtail pizza in Brooklyn! I don’t know why she was the one to usher this for the Brit, but she did. Salute.

I hate “sources” sometimes, but not mine, of course. The so-called sources claimed Lori and Damson broke up after that short period. And the internet ran with it like a 100-yard dash with all the jokes to go along with it. The jokes were pretty funny. On the flip side, the other gossip has proven to be less interested to these digital rages. That is: they are still together.

I almost feel like they are running game on the tabloids.

Damson Idris and Lori Harvey were spotted together at a recent SZA concert, walking hand-in-hand. They are lovers still and the internet hates it. They want him to be a sucker and her to be an industry hoe. But no – they are great together and I am happy for them.

The couple attended SZA’s concert where they were walking hand-in-hand. Bro, recently explained his stance on all of this. “You don’t always have to show the world your personal life and that what you do for a living is an extension of yourself, and that’s your baby. And you need to protect that. You also need to protect your personal self too,” he told Rolling Stone.

This is Damson to the press.