Damson Idris Tickled The Ivory, But Denies Dating Saweetie

Saweetie does many things very well.

Earlier this week, Damson Idris chopped it up with The Breakfast Club. While there, he openly admits to tickling the ivory. However, he denies that he was ever dating Saweetie.

As a matter of fact, Angela Ye strategically elicits the answer. She coyly asks, “Are you still taking piano lessons?” Soon, the Englishman squirms around in his hair. Then, before coating his throat, he jokes about Juilliard.

Of course, the relentless commentary does not cease. “It looked like you were good with your hands,” offers Ye. Soon, DJ Envy asks the Snowfall star, “Was that Saweetie’s piano?”

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After, momentarily gathering himself, the FX stand out responds. “She’s a great piano player. And I didn’t know she could play piano,” he confesses. “I didn’t even think the world knew. So I was like, ‘Oh this is a cool moment.’”

In order, to add more context, Damson Idris explains the backstory. “She’s a huge Snowfall fan. That day we were at lunch, I think talking about how we could collaborate,” Next, he adds, “She wanted to show me her new place because I love CB2 and I was going to give her some ideas about furniture and art and then boom, we went. “

Of course, nostalgia arouses a smile. So then, the emerging entertainer declares, “She was playing the piano. That’s it. I was in there for like five minutes and I dipped out. She’s a friend of mine.”

As it stands, Saweetie’s professional and private actions continue to demand interest. For all the juicy details, skip ahead to the twenty minute mark.