DaniLeigh Unveils DaBaby’s DaBaby Bump

DaBaby and DaniLeigh seem to be preggers.


It looks like the baby has a baby on the way. DaniLeigh who is his baby boo, posted a baby bump on the Internet, making a huge statement and suggestion. Before we continue we must acknowledged it DaBaby has been embroiled in a tremendous controversy that centered around the LGBTQ community and what some would regard as the Hip Hop community. I saw that because all of Hip-Hop does not agree with DaBaby’s but, he’s speaking so bold and loud. Also he has some people that do agree with him.

That said, DaBaby has been resolute in standing on his square and his truth, if you will. He’s not backing down in any way shape form or fashion, even though he did issue an apology. That apology was hitting deaf ears, because after which he continued to double down on some of his views and opinions. Most people say he is just homophobic! Now, it seems like the press team and the crisis management squad is in full action, because it seems like DaBaby is going to have the baby with DaniLeigh.

The singer (or is she a rapper?) posted a picture of herself and her swelling belly with the caption that could only allude to one person being a father. Check it out.

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I think she is trying to get something across.