DaniLeigh Flexes Her Petty Fires Subtle Shot at DaBaby!

DaniLeigh Flexes her petty and fires a subtle shot at DaBaby. An edited Instagram caption seemingly detail’s the singer’s disappointment.

Recently, DaniLeigh’s social media stunts alludes to DaBaby’s alleged lack of parental involvement. The emotionally-charged singer flexes her petty. She takes to Instagram and fires off a subtle shot at DaBaby.

To add necessary context, these two have not been getting along too well. A very public and rather tumultuous spat ended with DaniLeigh’s assault charges. Keep that in mind. Consequently, they are learning how to best co-parent their beautiful baby girl.

So now, the “Easy” chanteuse is using social media to take aim at the “Sticked Up” rapper. DL posts a candid photo. She smiles down at her joyful daughter. The accompanying caption reads, “Today, Doing it all alone, but it’s all good cause I love your love baby girl.”

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Since then, the “Cravin” crooner has amended the caption. It now reads: “Today, I love your baby girl.” This seems to depict more emphasis on her child and less on her daughter’s dad.

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Finally, as time continues to pass, hopefully DaniLeigh and DaBaby will build and sustain a pleasant co-parenting relationship.