DaniLeigh’s Brother Wants To Shoot the Fade With DaBaby Over Alleged Abuse!


DaBaby is making headlines again, but this time he has the family of baby moms DaniLeigh throwing heavy accusations of domestic abuse.

DaBaby is is the hot seat again…or is that his BM DaniLeigh? DaniLeigh, who just had DaBaby’s baby, now faces some minor assault charges for a fracas at the rapper’s home. “I didn’t want to address this until I knew my daughter and Granddaughter were safe. This is clearly a toxic situation and all we wanted to do was to get her out safely…God is on our side.”

Holy Sh#t! How does she know God is on their side? Does God pick sides? Anyway, this is a terrible situation that I hope they can get out of. Anyway, Dani’s brother just got into a car accident, but that did not stop him from hopping on social media and offering to shoot the fair one with DaBaby. He accused DaBaby of being a woman beater that calls the cops.

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I suspect…this is going to go left soon. Now, Dani was not holding back on social media either. Why is that the first thing people do?

The sister also made some sensational claims against DaBaby. Check that out below:

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