Did Dark Lo “Make A 2-Hour Statement” To Cops?

There may be some confusion with one Dark Lo, one of the illest dudes outta Philly.

(AllHipHop Rumors) First of all, I am glad that I am not going to be the one breaking this news to the streets! There’s a new report that is suggesting that Dark Lo has made some sort of statement to the cops and the streets are feeling the pain! Be very clear, Dark Lo is one of the realest dudes in the game, straight outta Philly. But check this out from CrownedTVnews.com:

Rapper Dark Lo AKA Charles Salley is currently facing 20 years In a federal penitentiary on witness tampering and weapons charges. Feds say Salley wrote a letter to a government witness in an attempt to sway the witness from testifying against his friend, who was on trial for a drug trafficking conspiracy case. A document that was released today spells bad news for the rapper.

In a document obtained by Crowned TV, a shocking and extremely incriminating post-arrest interview was revealed. In the interview, after waiving his miranda rights, Dark Lo sat and talked to authorities for 2 hours without a lawyer present.

In the interview that was captured on video, Dark Lo can be seen and heard willfully admitting to writing a letter to government witness Dontez Stewart, and discussing the contents of the letter with federal agents. He also took ownership of the gun he is accused of possessing, adding that he never carries it, but keeps it in his home for protection.

So, here is what we believe happened. This is not a case of Dark Lo snitching or anything, but it looks like he really should have retained a lawyer. He admitted to doing things, allegedly, that still may have broke the law. He should have gotten that lawyer! He didn’t know it was a violation of the law, some sources have said. He didn’t threaten the dude – he simply made a request that was IN WRITING. YIKES!