Daz Dillinger Claims Jimmy Iovine Is Lying About Bailing Out Tupac!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Daz Dillinger is NEVER one to bite his tongue!

Daz recently took time to refute some of the claims that Jimmy Iovine made in his ‘Defiant Ones’ documentary.

“I looked at the ‘Defiant Ones’ and Jimmy Iovine and the rest of them c### suckers over there is saying Suge didn’t bail out Tupac, and they gave Suge the money to bail out Tupac. Why would you not bail out Tupac and then give Suge the money. Suge took his own money and went in there and bailed him out. So why didn’t y’all MF bail him out before Death Row because Time Warner said don’t bail Tupac out? So that let me know that y’all are b-tches and you only did that sh-t because we put the pressure on y’all n-ggas to go do that sh-t. It’s his money anyway. Suge went in there and got his MF money to bail him out because you n-ggas was holding that sh-t, and he knew that y’all n-ggas was holding that money,” said Daz.

Daz encourages folks to not praise Jimmy Iovine because he claims he isn’t telling the truth. According to Daz, Suge made them give that money up. He’s upset because he feels like Jimmy and others are trying to rewrite history since Tupac is dead.

Daz goes on to say he can’t wait to tell his story and the real stories from back in the day. Daz drop those stories man! What are your thoughts?

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