Daz Dillinger Claims That Tupac Was A Crip Before Coming To Death Row


(AllHipHop Rumors) As the release date of Tupac’s biopic nears, more and more Pac stories are seeping out!

It has been said that Tupac had all kinds of ties during his rap career, but it seems like Daz Dillinger just shed some light on something that some Pac fans may not have known.

Daz took to Instagram to reveal that Tupac hadn’t always been rolling with the Bloods gang members.

“Before Tupac was on Death Row & cursed by Suge he was Crippin with Thug Life. I told him the night we did the 5 songs for @alleyezmovie The Album I said Pac don’t let this ganging come between us AKA Death Row VS Doggpund TruFacts,” said Daz.

Many have argued that Pac wasn’t really certified or truly affiliated with anything as he had ties to many people and many gangs in general. It seems like Pac just rocked with whomever rocked with him and who was loyal to him! What are your thoughts?

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