Debate: Hillary Clinton’s Death Row Records Connection


Death Row Records was poppin’ back in the raucous 1990’s, but the rowdy, Suge Knight-led company has apparently influenced the 2016 election, social media says. Hillary Clinton systematically dismantled Donald Trump in Wednesday debate.

The social media windfall was powerful and swift, with creative people with loads of time on their hands, putting together ingenious commentary. The most popular offered Hillary Clinton donning the same style, swagger and color scheme of the late, great Death Row Records. Tupac. Snoop Dogg. Sir Knight. That’s right y’all – Death Row has crept up in your sphere of presidential influence.

Check out what the inter webs created:

But it didn’t stop there. Here are several other posts that powerfully laugh (0r n0t) at the debate and election from a decidedly social media lens.

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