Remember Desiigner? Well He Wants Off Kanye’s Label!

Desiigner had a nice, lil run…and then it slowed down to a crawl. He blames Kanye!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Desiigner was a real character and he had a hit song with “Panda,” a song we all knew was unforgettable. But, it seems people have forgotten about ol’ Desiigner…until today! Today, Dee decided to speak up and express that he wants off G.O.O.D. Music, the recording home that Kanye West built. 

The sad thing is he misspelled “Label” when he said, “FREE ME FROM THIS LABLE.” Poor guy! He was too trusting and didn’t work hard enough to keep it pushing when things were going sour. He had previously said something like this earlier in the year and nobody heard him. I think the all caps changed things a bit. Hopefully he gets Grammarly.  

Lets rock “Panda” for a minute and remember…we once thought he sounded like Future!!

Can anything save his career at this point? Desiigner may just have to head over to a Sunday Service and get his praise on with Rev. Yeezus! Hallelujah!