Did A Gun Come Out At The Hitman Holla Vs Cassidy?

Cassidy Hitman Holla

Oh lord…we almost had a disaster.

Oh Man! What the hell us going on? Rap battles are supposed to be INSTEAD of fighting or shooting. So, it was weird to read that a gun came out at the Cass / Hitman Holla battle. First of all, this was a very volatile battle to begin with and if you saw the face-off, you know it was probably going to carry on to the stage. I watched bits and pieces. First of all, I heard Cassidy got like $225 THOUSAND bucks for his performance. I am in the wrong line of work! MC ILLSEED on the way!

Anyway, Hitman and Cass battle it out and whoever won is anybody’s opinion. I saw 2-1 Cass and I saw 2-1 Hitman. I Saw 3-0 Hit man. I saw it all. But, what somebody says they saw is a gun at the battle – and Cass pulled it? Well, what had happened was The Bloods were allegedly in the building on behalf of Hitman. Remember at the face-off Hitman came by himself – his brother wasn’t even there. And he became fearful that something was going to pop off. Well. He got his “bag” that allegedly had the blicky in it. It set the tone…

On stage, it seemed like the it was going to pop off. And it kinda did, but they were able to squash it.

A gun definitely did not come out though. I was told that it definitely was tense, but that did not happen thankfully.

Who do you think won?