Did Beanie Sigel Get That $50 Million From Kanye?

Beanie Sigel and Kanye West

Kanye West and Beanie Sigel are looking pretty chummy, but did they pass that $50 million for the Yeezy name?

After seeing the sheer ridiculousness of Beanie Sigel not accepting $50 million from Kanye West, I had to look into this.

OK, I did not look into anything really. I happened to look at Boxden and saw a picture of Beanie and Kanye yucking it up at a recent event. They seem really happy, and that is a real moment. Check it out.

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I am thinking about it and It could go either way. I am thinking Yeezy and Beanie worked something out. Some currency was exchanged, in my opinion but I cannot quite figure out what. Beanie has a certain glow about him that only a person that had a recent change of fortune has. If you give me $5,000, you will see the same sort of face that Beanie Sigel has in the first picture.

By the way, this happened at Kanye West’s Sunday Service jawn event. I wonder if Beanie and Kanye prayed together over communion or something über Christian? That would be dope. Anyway, I know very little more about the whole thing. Oh – I did hear that Kanye was with his kids, doing some serious daddy duties. By the way, he still wants to get back with Kimmie K, according to reports, but she’s out cavorting with some white dudes.

Do what you gotta – for the kids!

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