Did Blac Chyna Get Her Future Tattoo Removed?


Photo via Blac Chyna’s Instagram

Well as Blac Chyna keeps her publicity stunts rolling, it appears that she took time to remove her “Future” hand tattoo as she has moved on to “date” Rob Kardashian. During the time that Blac Chyna was featured in Future’s “Rich Sex” video, the two were said to have been dating. Blac Chyna even posted a photo of her Future tattoo on Instagram with the caption,

“Thought it was a drought.”

When Future came out and said he was single, social media clowned Chyna. Chyna seems to be quite the attention wh*re and the Queen of petty. It seems like she got with Rob Kardashian to get back at Kim K & Kylie Jenner. Seeing that everything she does seems to be for publicity, it’s clear why she felt the need to show her getting the tattoo removed. Many believed the tattoo was fake. Blac Chyna even claimed it was done with a sharpie at one point. Carry on.