Did Blac Younsta Get Transgender Beat Up Over Dating Allegations?

Blac Younsta Stands Accused!

Blac Younsta is pretty gangsta. He is not about to let you people call him gay or a dater of transgenders.


Now there are reports that he had the transgender human being beat up over these allegations of sexual impropriety…or propriety.

MediaTakeOut.com reported yesterday, that a popular TRANSGENDER named Bnell was making a lot of INCREDIBLE ACCUSATIONS – about having relations with rapper Blac Youngsta . . . well she’s now in the hospital.

Just a few hours after MediaTakeOut.com posted the report – Blac Younsta came out and PUBLICLY denied Bnell’s accusations. And then it happened.

In what could be a completely UNRELATED set of circumstances, MediaTakeOut.com learned that BNell was attacked yesterday, by a group of men. She was beaten badly and rushed to the hospital where she suffered back and neck injuries.

She’s expected to make it . . . but the next few days will NOT be fun.