Did Cardi B Beat Somebody With A Mic At The Wireless Festival?

Cardi B

Cardi B is not the one and she will bang on you even if you’re a fan. Somebody did something and she allegedly swung on a fan with her mic.

Cardi B is not the one to be played with. This we know. But what happened at the Wireless Festival for her to allegedly bop somebody with her microphone.

Everything was doing well, Cardi stood over the London crowd as they video taped her, but something goes left. She bends over and seemingly whacked somebody with her tool. Nobody really knows what happened yet, but we can assume something.

Somebody probably touched her in a way that she did not appreciate, garnering them a few speed knots on the head. Oddly, she was standing on the shoulders of her bodyguard, but it looked like a fan tried to snatch her wig off. You know Cardi doesn’t mind performing when her wig flies off. Unlike the recent situation with Lil Uzi Vert, who tossed a cell phone in the air until is banged somebody in the head, Cardi knew what she was doing.

This is a view that shows the fans reaction and it seems to be real.

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Some people have suggested this is not real. I think this will be addressed soon, because you know the person is making a video soon.

By the way, The Bronx rapper has denied that she actually got in the fight at the festival in London. Sadly, all of this came out after she had rocked “Bodak Yellow” and also performed with Offset and Megan Thee Stallion.